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Ace Line Hauler was started in the year 2000 in a 225 square foot garage with one goal, to produce a high quality yet affordable pot puller. In the last 16 years we believe we have done just that, producing speciality marine equipment and meeting the needs of our clients worldwide through innovation and exceptional customer service.

Our commitment to quality, fair pricing and unmatched service means our customers worldwide can expect reliability and satisfaction from every product that carries the Ace Line Hauler name.

We welcome any comments or questions that you may have about our products so feel free to contact us


Hi Ace, I am a charter fisherman from Florida and I commercial Sea Bass pot fish in the off season. Your product is very well built and dependable. My pots are 18 pounds and there can be up to 40 pounds of fish with each haul. So far I have pulled around 3000 hauls with your puller with no problems. I am very happy with your product and would recommend it to anybody that needs to pull traps.

Capt. Paul NelsonFlorida USA

I just got back from a week in Prince William Sound in Alaska, shrimping. I'm probably too critical about equipment I acquire. Which brings up the subject of your line hauler. I can't find a damn thing wrong with it other than I wish I'd bought one sooner!! It worked flawlessly. I can even carry on a conversation while I'm using it and it slipped right in my Canon downrigger base. We yanks used to think it was only good if it was made in the U.S. Well you canucks shattered that myth. Keep up the good work, my Canadian brothers and sisters

Jerry JohnsonHomer, Alaska

I want to thank you, however, once again for helping me out with the Ace Line Hauler! This piece of equipment is absolutely terrific! And I do mean equipment, It’s commercially tough! A quick story, I foolishly bought a commercial size crab trap, and setting it in 100+ feet of water was simply stupidity. But with the Ace Line Hauler, pulling the commercial crab trap is effortless and pulling it up from 100+ feet of water is actually fun! Truth is, I’ve now gone out and purchased another commercial trap having no fear of its weight whatsoever, and I could only do that because of the Ace Line Hauler.

I applaud your product and value your friendship. Have a great winter!

Stuart Alexander